Plagiarism Week

An illustrative example of plagiarism. Modifie...

An illustrative example of plagiarism. Modified from Image:Hamlet quarto 3rd.jpg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In addition to being earth week, at least on my campus, it is national plagiarism week. In my last class my professor gave 3 prompts to get us to actively plagiarize and then discuss the consequences of such actions.

We started the class with a discussion about an article in which a writing associate tried to help a student plagiarize ‘better’.  It sounded very satyrical to me, especially in the writer’s speech at the end of the article: “To give the essay more authenticity, I suggested she remove the introduction to every third quote, and neglect explanations altogether so that the quotes would stand out like little quarantined strangers in her essay. Better yet, she could replace every fifth quote with a line from Disney’s Fantasia, or at the very least, with a text message so as to create the impression of authorial distraction or perhaps technological interlude. Maybe she could insert a “2” for “too,” a “B” for “be,” or an emoticon or an LOL in place of a genuine emotional response.”

Or maybe she could actually just write the paper herself… In fact the article showed that to successfully plagiarize, one must actually put a good dela of effort to maintain personal voice and sentence structure and create a naturally flowing essay.


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