More than 7 million people a week watch

More than 7 million people a week watch pro wrestling every week. Why?

Predetermined wrestling match between characters- the male twilight (the male soap opera)

Hulkamania Tour @ Rod Laver Arena. Melbounre, AUS.

Hulkamania Tour @ Rod Laver Arena. Melbounre, AUS. (Photo credit: Wikipedia

It is hard for me to answer this question because I have never watched wrestling… the closest I have come would be flipping through channels and stumbling on Hulk Hogan’s reality show.

For my sociology class I read a very interesting study by Sam Ford titled, Pinning Down Fan Involvement: An Examination of Multiple Modes of Engagement for Professional Wrestling Fans. He compares Pro Wrestling to world of warcraft, which seems at first very odd. Picture the stereotypical wrestling fan vs. the stereotypical world of warcraft player (that would be a very interesting wrestling match… brawn vs. brain eek).

Except the connection is there because in both cases a form of reality is created. Characters are constructed and maintained through audience participation.

What does pro wrestling say about masculinity? How does culture inform behavior?

Why do we want these pantomime images of horror, violence, and gore?

There is so much dramaturgy involved in wrestling culture- Ridiculous characters created for entertainment.

The rock talks about himself in third person in this hilarious cut YouTube clip.- Last clip I promise.

Theater for guys, building up story lines between characters. What was the Rock’s response?


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