Plagiarism Week

In addition to being earth week, at least on my campus, it is national plagiarism week. In my last class my professor gave 3 prompts to get us to actively plagiarize and then discuss the consequences of such actions. We started the class with a discussion about an article in which a writing associate tried to help […]

More than 7 million people a week watch

More than 7 million people a week watch pro wrestling every week. Why? Predetermined wrestling match between characters- the male twilight (the male soap opera) It is hard for me to answer this question because I have never watched wrestling… the closest I have come would be flipping through channels and stumbling on Hulk Hogan’s […]

cute/maniacal bunny (named bun bun)

  Yes this is my first post… How exciting. The start of a glorious future- I can see it now. I have uncovered the secret! The secret to life just invision what you want and it will happen. -EDIT- this is already a book entitled The Secret- what are the odds? Anywho, are you actually […]